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NorLite: NorCal Perlite's NorLite line is ideally suited for a wide range of industrial and construction applications Our NorLite is available in nine distinct grades ranging from fine to coarse product granules. Perlite plays an important role in a wide variety of construction-related uses.

Used as an aggregate: 

Perlite is used as an aggregate in concrete, a lightweight, fire resistant, insulating concrete is produced that is ideal for roof decks and other applications.

  • As an aggregate in lightweight insulating concrete and plaster;

  • As a loose fill insulation material for concrete masonry blocks, cavity walls, in residential homes;

  • In a variety of specialty applications including fireproofing sprays,

  • Chimney fills, interstitial floors, acoustical sprays, etc.

Perlite can also be used as an aggregate in Portland cement and gypsum plasters for exterior applications and for the fire protection of beams and columns.


Used as an Insulator:

Perlite's outstanding insulating characteristics and light weight, it is widely used as a loose-fill insulation for pool base construction

  • In addition to providing thermal insulation, perlite enhances fire ratings and reduces noise transmission. It is rot, vermin, and termite resistant

  • High and low Temperature Insulator

Used as an Filter:

Perlite used in industry as a flexible filter for applications

  • Other applications include its use as a filter medium for

  • pharmaceuticals,

  • food products,

  • chemicals

and water for municipal systems and swimming pools.

Additional applications include its use as an: 

  • abrasive in soaps,

  • cleaners,

  • and polishes.

Perlite for Construction and Industry
The versatile material

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Loose-fill insulation

Because of perlite's outstanding insulating characteristics and light weight, it is widely used as a loose-fill insulation in masonry construction.


In this application, free-flowing perlite loose-fill masonry insulation is poured into the cavities of concrete block where it completely fills all cores, crevices, mortar areas and ear holes.


Construction Uses for Perlite

  • under-floor insulation,

  • chimney linings,

  • paint texturing,

  • gypsum boards,

  • ceiling tiles, and

  • roof insulation boards.

  • Lightweight concrete & plaster

  • Loose fill & slab insulation

  • Fireproofing sprays

  • Chimney fill

  • Interstitial floors

  • Acoustical sprays & ceiling tiles

  • Texturizing agent

  • Fire-rated door cores

  • Blast panels

  • Tile, mortar and grout

  • Aggregate in Portland cement and gypsum

  • Plasters for exterior applications 

  • Fire protection of beams and columns.

  • All of our Expanded Perlite Products are Organic input Material Certified.

Construction & Industrial Applications
of Expanded Perlite
Product Specifications       Manufactured and blended to exacting standards of quality and consistency.

Norlite N-40: Widely used in cementation as an aggregate light weight filler for fireproofing sprays, chimney fills, interstitial floors, acoustical sprays:

  • Tile, mortar and grout

  • Idea for use in pool base construction

  • Acoustical sprays

N - 50

Norlite N-50: Used in Construction as a filler for Masonry Insulation: Other construction applications include under-floor insulation, chimney linings, paint texturing, gypsum boards, ceiling tiles, and roof insulation boards

  • Lightweight concrete & plaster

  • Light weight concrete add cementation

  • Perlite as a filler

Fines #100

#100 Fines: Small sand like granules of perlite

NorCal Perlite's Premium Fines - used for:

  • Multiple horticulture uses

  • Filtration agent 

  • Available ​in various grades and sizes

  • Please call to discuss your needs 

See Describing Perlite Particle Size for an explanation of the data shown above:

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