Industrial Applications
of Expanded Perlite
Cement Filler

Perleite Cement based LightWeight Insulating


 Perlite for Loose fill Masonry Insulation

Cryogenic Low Temp insualtor

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Norlite  Expanded Perlite 


Being lightweight, non-combustable, and insulating, perlite has been found to be useful in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Perlite can safely be used over a wide range of temperatures.

Low Temperature Insulation


Perlite is also ideal for insulating low temperature and cryogenic vessels.


Perlite's outstanding insulating characteristics and light weight, make it an ideal for packing cold storage containers with insulation material


High Temperature Insulation


Used for high temperature insulation, molten metal topping, cryogenic insulation, filtration, and lightweight fillers system and provides holding capacity for water and nutrients.


A variety of foundry applications utilizing perlite's insulating properties and high heat resistance.


This same heat resistant property is taken advantage of when perlite is used in the manufacture of refractory bricks, mortars, and pipe insulation

Filter Media

Other applications include its use as a filter media for pharmaceuticals, food products, chemicals and water for municipal systems and swimming pools.

Additional applications include its use as an abrasive in soaps, cleaners, and polishes

Perlite for Industrial Applications

Perlite can safely be used over a wide range of temperatures in multiple industries.

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As a Filler

Industrial applications for perlite are the most diverse, ranging from: high performance fillers for plastics to cements for petroleum, water and geothermal wells.

Industrial Uses
  • Cryogenic tank insulation

  • Product fillers & bulkers

  • Decommissioned subterranean oil tanks

  • Filtration media

  • Liquid waste solidification

  • Molten metal slag treat & insulation (raw ore)

  • High-temp insulation for foundry cores, molds, ovens and as a crucible topping.

  • Abrasives & polishes

  • Wastewater filtration (laundry service)

Product Specifications       Manufactured and blended to exacting standards of quality and consistency.

Norlite N-40: Widely used in cementation as an aggregate light weight filler for fireproofing sprays, chimney fills, interstitial floors, acoustical sprays:

  • Tile, mortar and grout

  • Idea for use in pool base construction

  • Acoustical sprays


Norlite N-50: Used in Construction as a filler for Masonry Insulation: Other construction applications include under-floor insulation, chimney linings, paint texturing, gypsum boards, ceiling tiles, and roof insulation boards

  • Lightweight concrete & plaster

  • Light weight concrete add cementation

  • Perlite as a filler

  • See Tech Specs for a Typical Elemental Analysis. Product specifications and availability are subject to change without notice. Contact us to discuss your application.

  • See Describing Perlite Particle Size for an explanation of the data shown above: