Hydro 4+Plus: Our Newest product in our horticulture line of superior perlite products. Perlite's Hydro4+ horticulture perlite is an outstanding product widely used by Hydroponic Grow Operations and Hydro Farms 

  • An excellent growth medium for all outdoor and indoor plants 

  • Excellent Drainage for Hydroponic grow Operations

Hydro #4+ (In 4 Cu /Ft Bags)

  • Technical Specifications

    Metric.                      Hydro #4 +
    Granule Size (n"/n") 1/8"--5/8"
    Mesh Range 3-8
    Loose Density 6.0-7.5 Lbs
    US Sive #4 53-63%
    US Sive #6 90-98%
    US Sive #8 95-100%