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Shipping Methods and Containers
2 cu ft bag final_edited.png

2 Cu/Ft Bag

4 Cu/ Poly Polyester Bag


62 cu/ft PolyPoro

Bulk Bag

45 cu/ft PolyPoro

Bulk Bag


4 Cu/Ft Papper Bag

4 Cu/Ft Poly or Paper Bag




"We Get it There on Time"!!! 


We ship out in 48 foot flat beds and 53 foot dry vans. 24 pallet capacity on flats and 28 pallets on 53 foot dry vans. We can ship all over the country, and in most cases all of Northern California within a days notice.


We pride ourselves on getting it there on time, making sure that all trucks leave our facility are safety and securely strapped, loaded, and prepared to deliver the product to your location. Our customer service is matched only by our commitment to make our customers needs our number 1 priority. 

Product Packaging  

NorCal Perlite's horticulture and industrial perlite is available in:

  • cu/ft plastic bags

  • 4 cu/ft  paper or plastic bags

  • 45 cu/ft Polypro bulk bag re-usable

  • 62 cu/ft Polypro bag re-usable

  • 62 cu/ft Polypro bag one way

Picture of Truck at NorCal Perlite Wholesale Manufacturing and Distribution Plant in the San Francisco Northern California East Bay Area City of Richmond, CA
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