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Norlite N - 10

Norlite N-10: Perlite is used to absorb sludge prior to transport to landfillsL Liquid waste solidification using expanded perlite.

  • liquid waste solidification

  • absorb a high percent- age of liquid 

  • adding minimal additional weight.



Norlite N-40:  Perlite as a Sludge Absorbent; Expanded perlite fines are especially useful in solidifying sludges because they can absorb a high percent- of liquid while adding minimal additional weight.

  • Liquid waste solidification using expanded perlite.

  • Sludge Absorbent and Coagulant

  • Absorption of liquids 

Norlite N - 20

Norlite-20Used as a filter media for chemicals and water for municipal systems and swimming pools. Additional Media Filter Drains for:

  • Pharmaceuticals, 

  • Food products, 

  • Media Filter Drains

N - 50

Norlite N-50: Used in Construction as a filler for Masonry Insulation: Other construction applications include under-floor insulation, chimney linings, paint texturing, gypsum boards, ceiling tiles, and roof insulation boards

  • Lightweight concrete & plaster

  • Light weight concrete add cementation

  • Perlite as a filler

Norlite N-30: Perlite is ideal for:

  • Insulating low temperature and 

  • Cryogenic vessels

  • Low and High Temperature Insulation

See Describing Perlite Particle Size for an explanation of the data shown above:

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