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The NorCal Perlite Plant in Northern California
A History of Growth


Our plant opened in 1986 with one furnace and limited production capability.The demand for our superior Perlite product was explosive, and we increased capacity by adding another furnace in 1994.

The use of Horticultural Perlite for growth enhancement and soil mixes continues to increase dramatically. By 1999 the demand for our superior products was so great that we increased our production capacity by upgrading and modernizing our plant.

Our capacity is now 400% of what it was when we opened the plant. With our current daily production capability we are well-equipped to meet all of our customers' needs.

  • Our plant is built with the capacity to satisfy this ever-growing demand. NorCal Horticulture Perlite products are the choice of nurseries throughout California.

  • Our Perlite product line includes Norlite, a superior Perlite product for industrial and construction and green environment use.

NorLite: We expanded our Perlite product line to industrial and construction use by creating NorLite a superior Perlite Product.
Strategically and Ideally Located


The Richmond Perlite Plant is strategically located in Northern California with easy access to major transportation corridors. From our Richmond plant, access to

  • Air

  • Sea

  • Rail

  • and Land

transport are all within a short distance. Product are shipped locally in the USA, and to Canada and Asia.

The Norcal Process -
Ensuring Consistent Quality


While we always keep some inventories of product in stock, we primarily manufacture Perlite to order.

Our sophisticated production control and management systems enable us to revise our production schedules to meet our customers' demands.​By implementing stringent and exacting quality controls we ensure that our product is consistent, and manufactured to the most rigid specifications.

​We devote extra effort into analyzing our raw material, fine-tuning our production machines, and closely monitoring the entire Perlite manufacturing process.

Precision Quality & Consistency:

We are constantly developing and refining our Perlite manufacturing process to ensure that our products are always consistent, dependable, and of the highest quality.


Norlite Industrial Perlite is manufactured to exacting engineering specifications and subjected to unparalleled quality-control procedures.

NorCal Perlite's sophisticated production process ensures that you always receive a product that's consistent and predictable.


Product Availability

We are ideally situated to deliver product anywhere by all economical means of transport. We manufacture to order and our plant is in operation 18 hours a day, five days a week.

Specialty Grades:

NorCal Perlite manufactures NorLite to order, and we are experts in specialty grades. Our flexibility and high standards of quality control are your assurance of our NorLite's integrity and consistent

The Richmond Plant

The NorCal Perlite Plant in Northern California

  • NORCAL | Perlite  for Horticulture

  • Norlite| Perlite for construction and Industry


We have ample place to Store Expanded Perlite

The Norcal Process 

Ensuring Consistent Quality

  • Exacting quality Controls

  • Manufactured to the most rigid specifications.


Strategically and Ideally located  in the San Francisco Bay Aea

  • We can ship product to anywhere 

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